Charlotte’s Place

I recently started a new job in NoHo (Fitzrivia, London), so I’m slowly discovering the vegan options in my lunch breaks. Today I walked into Roots Juicery, a predominantly vegan Juice bar which also servers delicious fresh salads, sandwiches, cookies and a hell of a load of smoothies of your choice.

They have a menu just for smoothies and shakes, with a great selection of non dairy milks.

The staff was lovely and let me have a bit of every salad dish they had, you can take-away, eat in or as I did… ate outside on a cute little table at the end of Charlotte’s Place. A quiet side street off busy Goodge street. Oh great place to people watch and spot the odd famous person.

If you’re vegan this is a must and you can take your not so vegan mates there too as they also do the odd bit of fish and egg.

I will definitely be going back as i’ve got a feeling I may get addicted to the fresh tasting smoothies after a crapy commute….(hoping they’ll give me  a discount after a while 🙂


Twitter- @RootsJuiceryLDN

Facebook- /RootsJuicery

You can find me there – Mon-Fri, 1pm-2pm


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