The Brixton Autumn Vegan Festival

What a lovely bloody Sunday I’ve had! My friend from the age of three , Laura and Karen, a friend from Drama school ten-year14494887_174435906332543_2030280371637339198_ns ago both joined me today at the Brixton Autumn Vegan Festival at the Dogstar, Brixton.

From vegan pizza to cruelty free, vegan cosmetics, the festival was very popular today. Being only £1 to enter (amazin!) the two floored large pub was full of customers.

We arrived around 2pm, the festival started at noon and you could tell that it was well in swing. Stalls were re-stocking delicious cakes and cheeses (Garys’).

The sun was shining over Brixton today and new friends were made. Support vegan events as much as you can, promoting and supporting independent companies help them grow and bring awarness.

I became vegan nine months ago, this started off as just a new years resolution (Veganuary). I developed psoriasis when I was eleven, I put the cause down to unneccessary stress at school, a recently broken knee and a developing introduction of new foods into my diet. My mother would tell you I was a “fussy bugger”, with my food. I didn’t like any of my food touching each other, also wasnt a fan of spices, curries, pizza, meats…. for example, my Mother would cook chunks of plain chicken for me, with a raw veg salad on the side.

I used to love eating raw marris pipers while my Granddad sliced them up to make chips. I’m still a fan of raw veg and found that after just one month of being vegan (which i also cut out alcohol and all sugars)….my psoriasis was nearly unnoticeable.

I still have flare up’s of my psoriasis but I now know the triggers and can now take control of what my body needs and notice what it dislikes.

“Animals shouldnt have to suffer and be murdered just so you can have a meal” ….I over heard a couple debate today

I love being part of the vegan community and cooking amazing tasty dishes for my dinner. Knowing that what I am putting in my body is good for me and no-one has suffered just so I can eat.

Here are a few companies you should follow on Twitter






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