Dating Mr Carni…

Oi Vegan! I’ve got so much to tell you!

I have started dating, Ok, ok I know!I know!

I’ve been single for 11 months and to be honest its been nice spending time with friends and my own company….cooking in bulk and it actually lasting me more than 2 days!!

…. I joined the ruddy Tinder…with the hope I might meet someone who doesn’t ‘just’ want to hangout in the bedroom (I have heard many stories and really didnt have high expectation)…. its a very rare specimen to find and to be honest I think they are a dying breed.

My bio was short and sweet with no mention of my veganism as I felt like it would possibly put people off me, also not at all thinking about how it may affect me, if anything.

These last two weeks have been pretty sweet. I’ve been dating this guy, we have lots in common and we are really enjoying each others company. I feel like I’ve won the lottery – #FeelingSuperLucky

Mr Carni is supportive and respectful of my vegan lifestyle and I like that its not the top subject whenever we go out for lunch/dinner/booze. He’s great for researching and booking great places which have more than one vegan option on the menu and I feel super grateful that he will generally eat a vegan meal with me when we are out on a date.

I am however coming up to my one year anniversary of being vegan and it is a big part of my life…. Dating Mr Carni is great, but I haven’t had a long enough run of the two coinciding … veganism and dating someone who is a carnivore…

Personally I do not see it as an issue or would want him to feel like he needs to change just because of my lifestyle.

What I would like to see…. between opposite dietary couples is #MeatFreeMonday


..If there is no way in hell you could do a full month of veganism, why not try #MilkFreeMonth…. I would love to hear if this is something you’ve tried or introduced with your Carni? what are your views of dating a carnivore/vegan and how they work or don’t work for you.

I believe the two can work in perfect harmony but I’m also sure time will tell.

Have any of you tried vegan dating sites?  To be continued…



* Mr Carnivore, take note…..I think you’re great, just the way you are.



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