The Joy of Eating w/Mr Carni


We like talking about food, but who doesn’t?

I tend to have the same conversation with friend who have learnt I’m vegan…. you get the same questions over and over…. “Do you have enough protein?” “Did you know vegans lack B12?”… All of a sudden every meat-eater is an expert in nutrition.

I know it’s just because they care and maybe because they have seen that I have lost some weight that they feel I am missing out on some cooked, tortured carcass.

Food should be something you experience and talk about…. It’s a big part of everyone’s lives. Food shouldnt be just treated as fuel, it’s a chance to experience new tastes and skills in the kitchen. Making time to prepare a delicious meal is a big of the joy of eating.

Mr Carni and I have had the winter cold, aches and pains this weekend, but what seemed to be a very lazy weekend was made extra delicious by his culinary skills. I knew this guy could cook, but his thoughtfulness of making vegan food for us to share has made my cheeks ache from smiling so much.

I took a mammoth nap and woke up to Mr Carni with a piney on, delicately wrapping 3 stuffed peppers in puff pastry. My heart sang with joy! Even though he was under the weather, he had made a journey to our local market and bought everything fresh and then set up camp in the kitchen and prepared a delicious meal.


He had told me about this great idea of stuffing a leak with a tomato based filling and then wrapping that in pastry too…. I think a pastry blanket over anything is lush when you’re feeling unwell. So he got straight too it. He invented something, made it and then we ate it while watching Christmas films. I couldn’t have wished for anything more on a wintry Saturday afternoon.

I look forward to eating lots more of Mr Carni’s experiments, sharing and blogging.

Food makes memories in your mouth, remember to savour and tell the chef he’s doing a good job. Now get the dishes done, cwtch up and get weel soon.dsc_1153




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