The Alternative Nut Roast w/BS



…..Brussell Sprouts are aright actually.

Shopping bag

1 mug full of Brusse Sprouts – peeled and halved

1 fat thumb of Ginger – cut into sticks

1 medium sided onion, sliced not diced

3 fresh tomatos – sliced and diced

6 cubes of spinach – I used the frozen stuff

6 cubes of kale – yep you can get frozen kale too!!

1 handful of unsalted cashew nuts – use more or less… up to you babes

Table spoon of ground almonds – tot’s optional

GLUG of soy sauce

1 tea spoon heap of turmeric

1 tea spoon heap of cummin

1 minutes worth of finely grated nutmeg

2 table spoons of coconut oil 

Drizzle of hoisin sauce 

Sea salt and Ground Pepper and dust with smoked paprika for colour
Ok- let’s get cooking!

I did mine in a Wok, (but this can also be done in a oven proof bowl in the oven – like a one bowl dish – remember to put foil over the top and stir every 10 minutes – cooking time 25 minutes on 170.)

Toast off the cumin and turmeric, in a dry wok, this makes the dish a lot tastier than just adding the spices to a mix. Then after 2 minutes add the oil, ginger and onion.

After 2 minutes add the spinach and kale (dont worry -this can go in frozen – no problem). Once the greens have defrosted had the BS!!! Yeah! Get in there you swines!! 

Add the Glug and Drizzle, nutmeg and sliced toms.
Leave to simmer (lowish heat…for 15 minutes, give it a little stir init)…..while your flat/house/shed slowly becomes infused with the smell of crimbo!!

Dish out with a side of roast vegetables you prepared earlier – squash, sweet potatoes, halted onions and whole bulb of garlic, carrots and tons of thyme and rosemary.

Super Satisfying – Super lush! Believe me – it will taste just as good (BETTER) the next day ….. if there’s any left over!
I cooked this for my veggie mate Nikky and Mr Carni (who’s gonna try going vegan/veggie this Jan!! For Veganuary) They loved it! And Mr Carni hates BS! 

For more info on going Vegan this January, please visit –

I would love to hear from you and help you on your vegan dishes, ideas, tips x
Satisfying food guaranteed 

no murder included*


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