I Ate Fruit in a Bap and it was Delicious


In the heart of Soho, steps away from Apollo Theatre, Piccadilly and Leicester Square, lives and breathes Vegan Hippo. This café, bar restaurant didn’t disappoint my vegan belly.
The staff were more than helpful with their knowledge of dishes, how they were cooked and what they know as being their customers favourite. The jackfruit burger was recommended, (Yes! fruit a bap!) I had heard a lot about jackfruit and watched many clips on social medias about how this fruit can be seasoned and cooked to taste and look like pulled pork…. Which could easily fool your carnivore friends!
My burger was served in a matter of 5 minutes, hot and smelled delicious. This herbivore dish also comes with kale crisps, which were so crisp and tasty, I would pop by just to order a bag of those to go. The burger cost only £7.50, a steel for such a filling and satisfying meal in the heart of fancy, expensive Central London.
My almond flat white was tall and served in a wholesome cup and saucer. I would happily take my family there to have a restful break from the hustle and bustle of London. I was given an option of over 4 alternative milks, this never happens. VH currently have a Veganuary offer on too of £1.99 latte’s! I would normally have to go with one, the common soya milk or keep my coffee back. They also have a great selection of decaf coffee, teas, hot mulled wine and beers.
Vegan Hippo is set on the corner of Rupert Street, a great place to people watch and enjoy the cool art, comfy sofa, hygge lighting and relaxing music. I would suggest this place is a perfect venue to take your herbivore and carnivore friends and family, for a pre show dinner, date or even a place to catch up on emails while digging into some freshly prepared, satisfying food. The venue also supplies food to go and lovingly makes the most delicious deserts. (I took a few home with me, some also being gluten free which is a bonus)
VH has free Wi-Fi, they don’t accept new five pound notes and have a plethora of vegan books for you to sit and read, plus flyers on local vegan events and promotions.
Well done Vegan Hippo, I look forward to seeing you soon.


Vegan Hippo

52 Rupert Street

Tel: 020 7734 8574

Email: info@veganhippo.com

Twitter: @vegan_hippo

Open from
Monday to Friday from 6.30am to 9.30pm
Saturday from 12 – 9.30pm
Sunday 12 – 6pm


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