A Vegans weekend in Paris (w/ Mr Carni)

Ah! The wonderful Eurostar, we set off from Kings Cross St Pancreas at 08:30 and arrived in the city of love at 12:00. The train was packed with an excitable brood of hens, french announcements and the over powering smell of melted cheese and ham Panini’s with a hint of morning coffee.

We had picked up a bag of treats at the station from M&S….. Green sandwiches, fruits and water so we were set for our morning vegan buffet!

I love France, I’ve only been a few times but always feel safe and kinda at home. It also has a sense of magic about it…..a fairytale ness if you like. I worked in France as a magicians assistant and that was the last time I went on the Eurostar, we performed a trick on France 2, it was a total experience, one I will never forget.

So I was excited to make new memories and especially as I was in Paris with my love Mr Carni. We decided on our way what we definitely wanted to see while in Paris and also how we both wanted to just go with the flow and decided that walking everywhere would be the best way to take in all the sights, smells and beautiful skylines.

Next time you are in Paris make sure you do these three things –

  1. Spend at least one hour at Shakespeare and Company, 37 Rue de la Bucherie. It’s a book shop near Notre-Dame that has a piano that you’re free to tinkle on…I mean play! And has been known to be a bit of a hotel/hostel for people to curl up with a book and fall asleep….you can see lots of bed/benches all around the historic book shop…. we left with a few books and great memories. The Shakespeare and company cafe next door also has a variety of alternative milks too, which  made my vegan heart sing with joy.
  2. Cafe Ginger, 9 Rue Jacques Coeur. Eat a plate full/buffet of delicious vegan food and wash it down with vegan beer at Cafe Ginger. We booked in advance as we had read all the great reviews and didn’t want to miss out. The atmosphere, service and food was perfect, we would definitely go back there again, I really was so please Mr Carni was also surprised about the huge amount of food we got. 50 euros for a starter and a main and a beer for the both of us (oh its was the first time for me to try nut vegan cheese too, it was delicious….like mild warm goats cheese. Mr Carni had the cauliflower and pear soup..wow! mind blowingly good!).. We definitely would have gone back if our trip was longer!
  3. L’international Records, 12 Rue Moret. Yes you guess it! We went to this wicked record shop on our last day. Mr Carni listened to a few records in the shop and the owner suggested some great french artists to follow. It was in a great part of town with heaps of shops and very ‘french’ bakeries and bars, we really could have spent the day there.

I could write and write and write about our trip, but I’m a discoverer and I don’t want to spoil your own experience and discoveries. Book your trip and see for yourself and if you are discovering with good company, ever better!!

Here are a few pictures from our trip, Thank you Paris, you were spectacular!









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