Being vegan, doesn’t make you a HIPSTER.

Since I moved to Wales at the end of last year, from the ever so modern, diverse, popular London Town, for the first time I am bored of being vegan.

Now dont get me wrong here, the boring part isn’t the whole saving animals and having a healthy body, its the comments and lack of vegan options in Wales.

I know it is getting better and there are more options and alternatives out there, than there used to be years ago. I just hoped that Wales’s attitude to being vegan would have caught up by now too.

Boyfriend – “What have you got there? Avocado on toast?! Bloody Hipster”

Me – “it’s ONLY cute when you call me a Hipster”

Boyfriend – “is that humus too??”

Me – “yes thanks, don’t judge”

Boyfriend – “You will never convert me, you know that right?”….

Me – “Course, you have to do it for you, not anyone else”

(of course i’ll convert him! hes mine! I own him! 😂)

To end this Hipster image, here is a quick and simple vegan pancake recipe

1 tea cup of a flour of your choice

1 tea cup of lemonde

optional…. 1 tea spoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

whist together pour into a hot pan, using your alternative cooking butter.

what you get is fluffy pancakes, light and crispy that will wow all your hipster wannabees.


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