The Joy of Eating w/Mr Carni

We like talking about food, but who doesn't? I tend to have the same conversation with friend who have learnt I'm vegan.... you get the same questions over and over.... "Do you have enough protein?" "Did you know vegans lack B12?"... All of a sudden every meat-eater is an expert in nutrition. I know it's…Read more The Joy of Eating w/Mr Carni


Dating Mr Carni…

Oi Vegan! I've got so much to tell you! I have started dating, Ok, ok I know!I know! I've been single for 11 months and to be honest its been nice spending time with friends and my own in bulk and it actually lasting me more than 2 days!! .... I joined the ruddy…Read more Dating Mr Carni…


    Isinglass  is a substance obtained from the dried swim bladders of fish. It is a form of collagen used mainly for the clarification or fining of some beer and wine. SO - if you are a  pescetarian you can have what ever beer or wine you like. However- if you are a beer loving…Read more ISINGLASS